Grooming Services 

Why should I get my dog groomed?

In general terms, a clean pet is a happy pet. No hair in the eyes, clean fur and clipped nails all make for a pet that is clean and smelling fresh.  This helps you bond with your furry best friend.

Adverse or serious side effects occur when we neglect to groom our pets. If we don’t tend to our pet’s grooming needs on a regular basis, we encourage a variety of issues which can lead to expensive vet bills and difficult or even aggressive behaviour from your pet.


Brushing and combing your dog's coat is an important part of general pet care. Brushing helps to keep your dog's coat in good condition preventing matting of the coat.  Brushing and grooming are activities that help to strengthen the positive relationship bond between dogs and their owners.

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Wash & Blow Dry – Maintenance Groom

This is an essential part of the grooming process and helps to make your dog's coat look amazing and stay healthy.  This will include ear plucking, anal gland expression and nail clipping if required.

Full Groom 

This includes Wash & Blow Dry service and having your pooch clipped, scissored, hand stripped or de-shedding depending on the breed and customer requirements.
A general wellness check is also completed prior to the grooming experience.
If you need to get your pet in show trim, to breed standard or it just hasn't been done for a while and a maintenance groom just isn't enough, then we can get him/her back into shape with a wash, dry, brush out and style.  Eyes, ears, paws and nails will be attended to as well as tidying up around the face and tail to keep your pet in shape.

Puppy Grooming 

Cute Puppy with paws over white sign.  C
This is a gentle introduction to grooming for puppies from 14 weeks to 6 months of age. The package offers a bath, brush and dry to introduce your puppy to the grooming environment.
By exposing them to this at a young age it will reduce this anxiety for them in the future.  Your dog will be much happier if they are familiar with the sound of the clipper and driers.
The process of your puppy meeting their groomer and having a friendly and trusting experience makes any future trips to the salon a pleasant one.
Your puppy will be given as much time as needed to allow him or her to settle.
Introducing your dog to grooming as a puppy is a great way to ensure they love being groomed for the rest of their lives.
Your puppy’s first groom is not such a big deal if they are already used to having their paws, eyes, ears, mouth and tail touched as they would be when being groomed.

Cat Grooming Package

Scottish Fold Kitten

Here at Tangled & Mangled we don't forget about your feline family members.

This complete cat grooming and pampering service includes:

  • A brush to remove dead coat or any knots

  • A brush or clip off to owners specification

  • A brush, clip and bath with specially formulated cat shampoo